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Inline Skating on Campuses

It may only be the middle of July, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too early to start talking about back to school. Heck, I might be one of the few left that isn’t talking about it…it’s almost as if Back to School sales start the day after classes end these days right? Well, I’m not here to talk about pens, pencils, calculators, or textbooks. No, I’m here to talk about college campuses and inline skating.
For anyone that has been to college, is slated to attend for the first time this year, been to a college campus before, or just even seen one in a photo, you know that college campuses tend to be large and lack sufficient transportation for students. That can be a big problem especially if you are in a hurry. Well one solution to this problem is by commuting around campus with some inline skates.

Inline skating can save you time and money.
Yes, inline skating is an extremely convenient way of getting around campus, particularly if your classes are sprawling across the entire university. But beyond that, inline skating is also an inexpensive mode of transportation. The initial cost is a fraction of the cost of a car, you also don’t need to worry about paying for gasoline (which is a major plus these days), and if your skates break down they are far less expensive to repair and maintain. This is particularly important for cash-strapped college students who are on their own for the first time.
Imagine waking up on the day of a big test and realizing that you’re way behind schedule. You’re a freshman on campus and the university doesn’t allow you to have a vehicle on campus, and even if they did you wouldn’t have the money to gas it up nor the time to find a parking spot. You could walk, but you know that you would still be late. The simple solution? Owning a pair of inline skates. With inline skates you can eliminate every problem that was just outlined. You won’t need to worry that you don’t have a car on campus or the money for gas, you won’t need to worry about a parking space, and you can get there faster than walking.
So whether you are worried about getting to class on time or just having a simple way to get around campus, inline skating will get the job done. I encourage you to invest in a pair of inline skates as you head back to school this year. You most certainly won’t regret it. Who knows who you’ll meet, where you’ll go, or how many tests you will no longer be late for?