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When Do Your Kids Start Inline Skating

If you’re looking for an activity that will allow your children to drop the video game controllers and get outside, look no further than inline skating. It is an ideal choice for most kids because it is a new and exciting adventure for them. The question that most parents have is when is the appropriate time for a child to start skating?
The answer to this question is not an easy one because every child is different. The general rule that you should follow is that if you plan on starting a child to skate at a very young age, do so once he or she is able to walk or run with decent balance. The wheels on skates will present a new challenge, so if the balance isn’t quite where it should be when walking or running, you are probably best to wait a tad bit longer.
Once you get your child started with skating be very patient and keep in mind that every child learns at a different pace. If he or she gets frustrated, don’t let it show because this will allow them to doubt themselves. Encourage him or her as much as possible and help when it is necessary.
Once your child is interested in inline skating, you can use a variety of methods to help them learn and grow as a skater. One common method is what is known as the rolling chair. If you take a standard office chair with wheels and bring it to the street, empty parking lot, or open skating area. Your child can then use the chair as a balancing aid. This will help them work on their balance and confidence. As confidence and balance progresses, urge them to balance on their on, without the use of the chair as a crutch. Eventually, they won’t even need the chair.
The method you choose does not make that large of a difference, either will work very well. The most important thing is that you wait until you believe they are physically able to skate and that you equip them with all of the equipment gear to protect them from injury.
Yes, Another great way to help is by skating with the child. At their youngest age, children begin copying the actions of others, it is how individuals learn to talk, eat, and interact…it isn’t much different when it comes to skating. If you are skating by your child’s side or behind them, they will recognize your motions and begin to imitate them.
Beyond all of this we cannot stress enough the importance of having fun when teaching your children how to skate. If you have fun, they will too. Do not force them to skate if they do not want to, and let them learn at their own pace.